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U.K. Guitarist/Musician

Nick is a U.K. based guitarist/musician, who has played/worked in a variety of bands and a session player. For more details please contact Nick..


About Nick Marshall

Nick has been playing guitar since 1986. He has played with numerous bands and artists and as a session player. He can also play bass/double bass/drums and is a trained producer and sound engineer. For more details please contact Nick.. He plays electric and acoustic guitar. Member of PRS, MCPS, PPL. Whilst loving a wide variety of styles, he's inspired primarily by jazzy funky music, vintage 50s/60s sounds - also psychedelic, experimental, reggae (dub), world (african), electronica, & acoustic music.

Media Archive


Please contact Nick for details of his MEDIA ARCHIVE -for Projects, Discography, Audio, Photos, Videos, etc.

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