Nick Marshall & Friends

'In Quiet Spaces'

Album 2015

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'I Will Come Home'




Nick Marshall - Guitars, Double Bass, Percussion
Asha McCarthy - Indian Cello and 5 string Cello
Dave Atkins - Mandolin, Bodhran, Viola
Simon Yorke - Flute
Mark Robson - Whistle

'In Quiet Spaces' is the first album from the project 'Nick Marshall and Friends'. Produced & recorded by Nick.

It features 10 tracks from Nick's acoustic guitar repertoire (instrumental folk tunes and original compositions) played with guest musician friends:

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Track Listing:

1. Si Bheag Si Mhor (O' Carolan, arr. Marshall)
2. How Long (Marshall)
3. Searching For Lambs (Trad arr. Marshall)
4. Midnight (Marshall)
5. Wayland's Smithy (Robson arr. Marshall)
6. Blackbird (Trad. arr. Marshall)
7. Forever (Marshall)
8. I Will Come Home (Marshall)
9. Solstice Tune (Marshall)
10. Eleanor Plunkett (O'Carolan, arr. Marshall)