'Limited Edition E.P. 1'

4 track EP 2012

Available on Bandcamp HERE

2012 - 'Sunreturn Suite' by sunreturn

written by N. Marshall, arranged by sunreturn (Marshall, Singh, Yorke, Gloyns, Renbourn)

played live by sunreturn, recorded by Nick on the sunreturn mobile



This is a four track E.P. by sunreturn, originally released as a limited edition CD which was sold at gigs.


Nick Marshall - guitars

Conrad Singh - bass

Simon Yorke - flute and sax

Tom Gloynes - piano

Jake Renbourn -drums & percussion


It features 4 tracks; written by NIck Marshall and arranged by sunreturn (Nick Marshall, Conrad Singh, Simon Yorke, Tom Gloynes, Jake Renbourn).

1. We May Miss You 08:15

2. Moths 09:20

3. Sunreturn Suite 10:53

4. Don't Be Scared 10:43



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